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Blog posts of '2014' 'June'

Diamond engagement rings - A touch of color
With the abundance of engagement rings to choose from today, it is hard to find a ring design that stands out from the crowd. The vast majority of rings are set with white (colorless / near colorless) diamonds, as solitaires or with white  surrounding  side stones. Some engaged couples to be, are more adventurous and are willing to select a colored diamond as a center stone, and to a lesser degree, a colored gemstone as a centerpiece for an engagement ring.  
Colorless round diamond halo ring Colorless and FIY cushion diamond 3 stone and pave ring Colorless and Pink Diamond 3 Stone Halo Ring
If your have your heart set on a center white diamond and you're intrigued about the idea of 'a touch of color', then there is an option to choose a colorless center diamond with contrasting colored side diamonds or gemstones. A combination of a colorless center and colored side stones can appear even more striking then just all white diamonds, and with startling effect.  
There are some amazing color combinations, some work really well and some don't. If the colored side stones work to accentuated the center stone, that's great. However if the size a power of colored side stones are much more powerful then the colorless center stone, then it takes the eye away from the center and looses the intended effect.
Pink your vivid yellow diamonds on the side of the ring, as pave or simply as two side stones can be really effective. Pink diamonds on the side gives a dainty feminine look. Vivid yellow gives a very summery and happy look . Fancy deep brown side diamonds give a warm fall look, classically vintage in nature.
Colorless and fancy brown diamond 3 stone ring
Other alternatives are colorless centers with stark pigeon blood ruby sides. Simply striking in nature, or deep sea blue sapphires, that give a majestic look.
Depending on the type of stone your setting on the side and their size, color and weight, the additional cost can be negligible and in some cases a savings.  
Something different not seen every day. The combinations are certainly something not seen every day, and can be very eye catching.