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Blog posts of '2014' 'August'

Multicolored Diamond Wedding Rings...not as expensive as you think.

Most diamond wedding ring designs are primarily focused in alternative setting types using white colored round brilliants in alternative setting styles; either pave set or with prongs. However if you’re looking for something very unique and very different, then think in terms of multicolored diamond wedding bands that include an array of natural pink, yellow, brown, green and blue diamond colors. They’re readily available and a lot less expensive then you may think…

Multicolored diamond bezel wedding ring Multicolored diamond wedding ring with shared prongs Multicolored diamond wedding ring with milgrain edge

The majority of loose or mounted natural colored diamonds are certified by GIA or an alternative diamond laboratory. The certification process is expensive and automatically raises the price of the diamond; after all it’s an independently certified opinion by an internationally recognized laboratory, that the diamond is real and its color is natural. Further details are written on the certificate, stating it specific main color, secondary color (if relevant) and in the majority of cases, its clarity. The whole process of sending a diamond to a laboratory to be tested, can take several weeks. No diamond companies are working for charity, and their time and effort for certifying the diamond is also added to the price. The final diamond grade can add thousands of dollars to the market value of the diamond that gets included in the price to the customer.

However…be aware that there are many natural colored diamonds that are not sent for certification. They are small in size and don’t warrant the effort to certify. Not only does this save on certification costs, it also saves on all the administrative costs. There are parcels of these loose diamonds sitting in the safe of specialized colored diamond dealers doing nothing. They simply don’t know what to do with them.


Loose natural multicolored diamonds

The real beauty of these stones is the array of colors and tones. Any diamond company concerned about not risking its brand name and wishing to retain customer retention, wouldn’t risk for a second, supplying treated diamonds to its customer and will stake their reputation on it. So who needs a certificate anyway, as long as the diamond company personally guarantees the natural origin of the diamond color and that there have been no enhancements what-so-ever.

Setting up these amazing colors together in a wedding band, is simply spectacular. Each color and set of colors are truly unique and couldn’t be replicated from one ring to another.

What a unique colorful wedding gift for a unique and colorful bride. Now that’s something different.