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Adding color to my engagement ring

Choosing an engagement ring doesn't have to be limited to colorless white diamonds. There's  a whole spectrum of natural fancy diamond colors that  are gorgeous on the finger. They're rarer then colorless white diamonds, which automatically makes them much something special. They're a much better investment, and a fancy colored diamond makes a wonderful surprise when popping the question and presenting 'the engagement ring'.

Colored diamond engagement rings

Continuing in our education series on natural colored diamonds and gemstones. It's clear that over the last century Debeers and their marketing cohorts, have done an amazing job of advertising and promoting colorless or white diamonds as a center stone for engagement rings. Browsing the web pages of international jewelry brands, one can see that the preference for 'white only' has begun to shift. Engagement couple are looking for alternative diamond colors for engagement rings and diamond colors such as fancy yellow, pink, fancy brown and shades of blue and green are becoming more prevalent. 

Color as an expression of ones personal taste.

White diamonds in there own right are absolutely beautiful, however by choosing color one can home in on one's on personal taste. Color reflects ones passion and personality. The secondary color tone can tweak that personal taste even further. One person make like a purplish pink diamond, more delicate and feminine in nature, whereas another may warm to the look of a more brownish pink, which will give more of a vintage antique feel to an engagement ring.

There is the fun of 'the chase' so to speak. Looking for that exact color and tone that you like most, that best describes your personal unique taste.

Creativity in the use of color. 

There is only so much one can do with the white diamonds when setting them in a ring. However with colored diamonds, the world is your oyster and there's a enormous scope in the use of color combinations, color in conjunction with white, colored diamond and the metal color used to set them, and of course the choice of shape and size. 

Color diamonds are often unique in shape and inconsistent. As a colored diamond jewelry manufacturer, is often required to built the jewelry according to the shape of the diamond and not the other way round as with white diamond jewelry.

Fancy Color diamonds appreciating in value

With the introduction of diamond industry pricing for white diamonds over the last 30 years, they have become a commodity and to some degree have lost their romantic notion. Pricing is extremely competitive and even though white diamonds do hold their value, they do not appreciate  as an investment to the same degree as other commodities and investments. Colored diamonds however is a whole different story. Even though they are available on the market, they are much more rare and with ever growing demand, they appreciate in value to a much greater extent. So as an investment, buying a colored diamond engagement ring is a much better investment. 

So when looking for an engagement ring, be aware there is more out there then 'just white', look for that color that is really 'you'.