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Good tasteā€¦ is the strongest color always best in colored diamond jewelry?

For the first time on the site we just uploaded colored diamond jewelry and in my enthusiasm I just had to write a blog post about it. We sell other types of jewelry on the site in different categories, which I’m not going to get into now, but my main work all day long is the manufacture of colored diamond jewelry.

We’re talking about really finely made jewelry of extreme quality, something we just don’t compromise on. With colored diamond jewelry, there is a really important issue of ‘taste’. I was reminded of this recently when I saw an old interview with Steve Jobs of Apple, God rest his soul. He said it’s not just about process, it’s more about content, and what’s most important is ‘good taste’. He spoke about the importance of culture and how good taste is something manufacturers often over look.


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I have to agree with him 100%. In fancy colored diamonds customers are often looking for the most intense colors; generally the more intense the color, the more valuable the diamond and hence the price. Personally, I love the more pastel colors and even though there’s a wow when you see a really fiery Fancy Yellow diamond ring , especially when its contrasted against a background of pristine white pave diamonds; I think that the hue of the color at the right level of intensity, not too strong or too weak, in the right jewelry setting, is what makes for a stunning piece of jewelry…’of great taste’. There is a phenomenal beauty and elegance in softer colors that really brings out the femininity of a colored diamond necklace for example, and the interplay of different colors.  

What people don’t often consider, is the importance of how jewelry impacts on the way a woman appears when she’s wearing it. It’s not just about glitz and glare. It’s about good taste. A woman’s mood and mental state changes every moment of every day, the same with men. In her serene moments a woman may aspire to be at peace, an angel of beauty. At other times she may be passionate with an emotional hunger, expressing fire and intensity.  

So when choosing a piece of fine jewelry to wear, it should be done with good taste, for the occasion, for the mood one wishes to project and for the person one is aspiring to be.

The choices we make are important. In the case of colored diamonds, color choice is more than just about intensity; it’s about aspiration and good taste.