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How to Clean Precious Metal Jewelry

What happened to the luster on my cluster?

It always amazing to hear from customers that recently received their jewelry order and how thrilled they are at the brilliance and color of their recent purchase. It is not uncommon some time after, that customers contact us wanting to know how to clean their jewelry. Often is the case that soap or dried matter builds up underneath the jewelry, taking off the original luster and shine of the diamonds or metal. There are two cleaning methods one can apply to precious metals (gold, platinum, palladium or silver). Pewter jewelry where possible should avoid contact with water and will be explained seperately.


Two methods for cleaning precious metal jewelry
A.      A Cursory (brief) clean: A simple jewelry cleaning solution can be purchased at a local jeweler. The cleaning kit usually includes a saturated solution of cleaning materials and soap, and a simple brush for reaching crevices. This method can also be achieved with simple household dish washing liquid soap and warm water. The jewelry should be lightly handled not to cause unnecessary damage. It should be thoroughly rinsed in clean tap water afterwards and dried with a soft cloth. Allowing water to naturaly dry without wiping it may lead to water marks building up on the surface of the metal. It's better to used purified distilled water for rinsing the jewelry after cleaning, as there is less chance of residue build up after drying. A blow-dryer or saw dust can aslo be used to dry or absorb excess water.


B.      A Comprehensive clean: The jewelry should be taken to a local jeweler and subjected to a thorough clean in an ultrasonic bath. More stringent cleaning materials are used together with hot water and ultrasonic vibrations; the combination of which loosens and removes any foreign materials. The jewelry is also steamed and dried, following the ultrasonic process.



The two processes above are for cleaning only, and should not be confused with re-polishing or re-plating the jewelry. For further advice contact us as and we'll be happy to answer any questions.

Richard Lewis,