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My passion is natural colored diamonds


There are so many websites and businesses offering white diamond jewelry, its almost becoming a common place commodity. If your looking for sensational jewelry designs, which are seriously worth the investment and are so different, then natural colored diamonds are a sure target. Many are unaware of the extent and array of natural colors that diamonds come in. People are aware of black, yellow, pink and blue, however there is a fantastic array of natural fancy colors including greens, purples, browns, orange, and lots more. Not only are they graded by independendent  laboratories and varified as totally natural in color, the colors are classified by Secondary Tones and Color Intensities. Besides looking blisteringly beautiful in jewelry, after all who doesn't just love color, the investement really does hold its own. If you purchase a white diamond, the chances are you won't even retrieve half the value of what you paid if you try to re-sell it later on. 

Natural Yellow Diamond Wedding Ring




Colored Diamonds are a wise investement

Not so with colored diamonds, more then any other investment, colored diamonds have consistantly and signficantly appreciated in value over a period of five to ten years. The chances are if you try to resell natural colored diamonds after five years, not only will you retrieve your investment, but you will also earn a nice return as well. In todays world with such volitity on the stock and property markets, more and more people are turning to precious metals and gems as an investment. This is extremely apparent with the enormous rise in gold and platinum in the last few years. 

'I really love my work', which is rare for people to say today. I have the immense pleasure of manufacturing and creating custom made engagement rings, wedding rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings each and every day, and they're nearly all designed with natural colored diamonds.
I am genuinely excited about the jewelry we make and really feel that our customers are getting a truly beautiful creation that really does retain its value for ever.
That's a rare statement to be able to make in this day and age.


Natural Colored Diamond Investment