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About Us is a designer jewelry manufacturing business specializing in the creation of custom handmade diamond and gemstone jewelry. We’re located in the heart of the diamond and jewelry district in Israel, and our jewelry is available for purchase online through the Emigem website.


Richard Lewis - Emigem

As a second generation jewelry manufacturer, I grew up in London working within the family business, and with my dad’s guidance, developed a deep passion for the creation of fine quality jewelry, handmade to an extremely high standard. My dad Louis Lewis, originally a jewelry model maker and mounter by profession, ran a manufacturing business for many years based in Hatton Garden, London. We designed and created high-end jewelry for the likes of Garrard, Aspreys and Mappin & Webb. We developed a tremendous reputation for fine workmanship and attention to detail. I started in the business at young age and he was always very encouraging and patient. I eventually learned from his vast experience in creating fine jewelry. Until this day he always tells me, "Richard, the jewelry has to look as good from the back as it does from the front".


Beyond quality is the importance of tasteful design. Years ago we used to make all the jewelry models by hand in silver or brass. The individual parts were reproduced in wax using rubber molds and sent for casting in gold or platinum. There was a sense of oneness with the pieces we created. We witnessed the development of a jewelry model over a period of time and in stages. We personally paid careful attention to the model's structure, and to each and every curve and detail as it was being developed. Many times models were remade over and over again until they were perfect. In todays fast pace world many commercial manufacturers generate models using computer design software. The results are extraordinary; the speed absolutely phenomenal. However todays so called ‘model makers’ work opposite a computer screen, and often don’t come in contact with the finished product. The vast majority of them have never made a piece of jewelry in their entire life. Today’s ‘Mounters’ who years ago could make each element of the jewelry by hand to fine precision, have lost their skills, and now essentially  just clean up and assemble castings. The process of assembly happens in rapid fashion and often without patience and care; rarely are commercial jewelry models made by hand. The world I grew up in was very different, and that’s why even though we use modern production techniques and we are always trying to evolve, it is crucial for me to use that instinct and sense of style I developed years ago in making the fine jewelry we produce today.


I often discuss issues with my dad and seek his wisdom. I reflect upon the blessing he has given me and thank him deeply for the passion of making fine jewelry which has become a way of life. My move to Israel several years ago has also blessed me in developing a large circle of colleagues and specialists in various aspects of the business. Being situated in the heart of the local diamond industry, within the bourse, I work very closely with some amazing people, specializing in the rarest sources of white diamonds, natural fancy colored diamonds and fine quality gemstones available in the world today. These precious stones are now incorporated into many of the jewelry pieces we carry. 



I now feel we have a great range of jewelry to offer and I’m very excited to share our jewelry with you. If you’re looking for a custom made piece of jewelry, with a particular focus in fancy colored diamonds or gemstones, please don’t hesitate to contact me personally. I look forward to hearing about your jewelry dreams, and in helping you realize them.