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Understanding Diamond Fancy Color Tones

When searching for a colored diamond for your engagement ring, secondary color tones can give a ring both a different look and feel and also dramatically impact on the cost of the ring. This article discusses tips on what to look out for...


Colored diamonds can have secondary color tones
The wonderful thing about searching for a specific main color when searching colored diamonds, is that not only are there different main colors, yellow, pink, blue, green etc; there are different secondary colors. The examples in the table below show, a straight green color, yellow green, bluish green and blue green. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) have categorized both the main colors and secondary colors and diamonds receive their respective certification accordingly. The lack of a secondary color or having a secondary color, influences both the look of the diamond and its value.


1.51 carat, Fancy Green, Cushion Diamond

0.92 carat, Fancy Yellow Green, Cushion Diamond

0.50 carat, Fancy Light Bluish Green, Cushion Diamond

0.14 carat, Fancy Deep Blue Green, Princess DIamond

Fancy Green Cushion Diamond

Fancy Yellow Green Cushion Diamond

Fancy Bluish Greenish Diamond

Fancy Blue Green Cushion Diamond




Take a look at the following two examples of diamonds of similar size and shape, and similar main colors. The secondary tone of the 0.53Ct round is Brown. The 0.59Ct round doesn’t have a secondary tone; it’s a straight pink color. The difference in price is very dramatic. The straight Fancy Pink being more then 10 times the cost.


0.53 Carat, Fancy Brown Pink, Round Brilliant Diamond

0.59 Carat, Fancy Pink, Round Brilliant Diamond

Fancy Brown Pink Round Diamond

Fancy Pink Round Diamond

Total Diamond Price $3,700

Total Diamond Price $39,225


A secondary color can be advantageous when choosing a ring style.
A diamond that has a secondary color tone that decreases its value can be an advantage not just in keeping to a budget; it can also assist in trying to achieve a certain look for an engagement ring.

For example, if you choose a pink diamond with a brownish secondary tone, it can give the appearance of an antique pink. In keeping with color of the diamond, a vintage style can be chosen for the ring setting. The pictures of the engagement ring below show a Fancy Deep Brownish Pink Radiant Diamond, mounted in a halo ring setting with closed pave styling and a milgrain edge. The shank tapers off beautifully as it meets the halo. The combination of diamond color and ring styling work perfectly together.   

Fancy Brownish Pink Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring Fancy Brownish Pink Engagement Ring Side View

When looking for a colored diamond engagement ring, be aware of both main and secondary colors as well as the intensity of the color. All of these factors can influence both the price and look of the diamond, and choosing and appropriate ring style.




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